On February 20th there will be a great big birthday party–in my head.  The Kim Challenge is turning 2-years old.  My lil baby is growing up.

Since one doesn’t usually get presents for a blog-birthday, I figured I would give some out.  Sadly,  I don’t have enough to share with the class, so I’m going to have to do this giveaway style.

The giveaway is the Rockin’ Body collection, which consists of 2-DVDs that have 7 workouts and a booklet.  I don’t think the booklet seems all that useful, but the DVDs are.  The collection is new and covered in shiny plastic shrink wrap. Ooh, shrink wrap.

I’ll be drawing a winner on Monday, February 22nd, which gives you ample time to decide if you want a rockin’ body and enter.

To enter, leave a message in the comments about your best tip for making (a) comfort food healthier.

**US Mailing Addresses Only Please