Friday was perfect, just one of those really nice easy days.

It started of with work, because sadly I am a working adult, but I finished everything on my list for the week and left early (I have half day Fridays) to hit Whole Foods to prepare for my lunch with a friend.  We’ve had these little at-home wine and cheese parties before, and realized we were on to something kind of awesome.  Cheese, crusty French bread, cured meats and wine by the bottleful–what could be wrong?

I was in charge of cheese, and had some wine sitting around the house; she was in charge of bread and meet (and brought some unfinished bottles of wine from her house).  The conversation flowed from gitty to serious to sex, as it usually does.  While I certainly wouldn’t suggest having this sort of lunch everyday, a couple of times  a year it’s just plain good for the soul.

Now that my soul was successfully healed, I had to make dinner.  I didn’t quite calculate my drunkenness into the equation when I told Achilles I would make him a healthy lo-carb (his personal trainer is all about the protein) meal.  I decided to make comfort food healthier by roasting a chicken, mashing some cauliflower (I love that stuff), and steaming some zucchini in chopped thyme.

It was lovely, but the chicken was a little underdone.  The “juices” ran clear, but the bone was still bloody, and I was a bit too drunk to handle that appropriately so I just cut the meat off the bone and microwaved it for a minute.  The sides were the best part.  I have to admit that I was still so full from lunch that I basically just moved my food around and packed it up for another day.  The goal of the meal was really to feed Achilles something that wasn’t pre-frozen.

Oh well, can’t win ’em all.  Happy weekend everyone.

Friday Breakfast
Whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese

At Home Wine and Cheese Lunch: Brie, Blue Cheese, French Muenster, pate, sausage, baguette, wine

Roast chicken, mashed cauliflower, zucchini