It’s Friday morning, where has the time gone?!  Where has my blogging gone?!

Whoops, my bad, sometimes life just gets away from me.  I promise to get back to real blogging tonight, but I figure I’d do a quick rundown of the last couple of days!

Wednesday Breakfast

Whole wheat bagel with lite cream cheese

Wednesday Lunch

You’ll notice that this is the same picture I used on Monday.  Same lunch different day, and this was a better picture.
Whole wheat wrap with roast beef, lettuce, tomato, lite mayo

Wednesday Snack

Can you tell I’m diggin’ fruit?

Wednesday Workout

After work I went to Achilles’ apartment, which just happens to have a private gym that no one ever uses.  I couldn’t pass that up, so I hit the treadmill for a little while after work.

Wednesday Dinner

Post workout Achilles made me dinner, which was Trader Joe’s Chicken Tikki Masala. It was really good but I’m on a mission to teach him the awesomeness that is food that isn’t frozen.

Thursday Breakfast

2 eggs and 1 slice of turkey bacon

Thursday Lunch

Whole wheat wrap with roast beef, avocado, tomato
Peach yogurt

Thursday Dinner

I met up with some girlfriends at a Cuban restaurant for dinner.  Yum.

We started out by sharing some appetizers of calamari and croquettes

Rice and Chicken, I couldn’t eat all of this, but what I did manage was delicious!