Today I did something I hardly ever do.  I cut my hair.

This was the first time ever having a male stylist.  His name was Starr, and he was way cooler than I; totally punk-rock-y with tattoos and black nail polish, and plaid pants.  I was a little nervous he would think I was the lamest with my cardigan, commuter shoes, and hair that hasn’t been cut in over a year.  He was great.  Turns out, he loves long hair, and therefore was not quite as scissor happy as some stylists are when they see locks past the shoulders.  I gave him free reign to cut what he thought needed to go, and he took off 3-inches, which doesn’t make much of a dent when your hair is almost waist length.  He said I have Barbie hair (apparently a good thing), and that I need to change shampoo (apparently a bad thing).  All in all, I left feeling pretty and more knowledgable.

Also, he wasn’t a talker, which honestly I really appreciate.  I never know what to say during haircut banter.  It’s always awkward.  I kind of preferred the silence and quiet satisfaction that he was paying more attention to my split ends than idle chatter.

Isn’t it weird how little things like cutting your hair or wearing matching underwear make you want to take care of yourself more?  I came home, did some work, made a healthy dinner and resolved to get more than four hours of sleep tonight.  I should do this taking care of myself thing more often.  Little things really do make a big difference.  Hopefully my new fangled dedication to my well-being will last longer than my blow-out.


Oatmeal with banana and almond butter
Coffee with 1% milk


For lunch, I met up with my aunt to get in one more Restaurant Week meal.  It’s hard to not take advantage of affordable food at some of NYC’s most expensive restaurants.  Today we went Greek:

Mediterranean Spreads

Grilled lamb chop and steamed broccoli & caulliflower
I had a couple of fries, but left most of them.

There was a dessert too, but I didn’t eat it.  For the record cardimum ice cream is weird.


Since lunch was on the heavier side I decided to go light for dinner.
This was my first adventure in spaghetti squash (which I tried because Lara raves about it on her blog).  It does not in fact taste like spaghetti, it’s a bit crunchier, but pleasantly mild and a good vehicle for shoveling sauce into your face.

Spaghetti squash with Newman’s Own sauce, steamed asparagus and shrimp