My Fitness Plan for the week

January is over and done with and I can already tell that 2010 is going to be a better year than 2009 was.  I’m really making headway with my New Year’s Resolutions; which I of course will keep on keepin’ on with all year, but got an enthusiastic start with last month.  So far I:

  • Redesigned The Kim Challenge
  • Raised money for City Harvest, and am now fundraising for the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation.
  • Planned a vacation (okay, I didn’t plan the vacay, but I’m going on it and that’s all that counts).
  • I haven’t been counting calories, and am trying to get more intuitive with my eating.
  • I could probably throw a few more pictures of me on the blog, but I’ve got a year to perfect this resolution.

The one I’m still having the most trouble with is work/life management.

So, what’s on the docket for February?

I’m glad you asked.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this month is all about showing my body some love.

I have some much needed resolutions in store for this month.  Most of which are diet and fitness related.  I try to make both of those things priorities in my life anyway and therefore cut out the need to make monthly resolutions revolving around them but we all lose our way sometimes and right now I need for those two things to take the forefront of my mental space.  So, here’s February:

  • Up my mileage.  I have a race in slightly less than two-months.  While four miles shouldn’t be life altering, I usually cap out at three, AND I’m not really an apt outdoor runner.  It’s too cold for me to brave the wilds right now, so I’m going to have to up the mileage and incline in my treadmill training.  I can do this, but I have to DO it, ifyaknowhatImean.
  • Cut the sugar.  You may not see my sugar intake here, but it’s there.  I’m not really much of a snacker in general, I like big meals three times a day, but lately (since I started my jobby-job) my sugar intake has sky rocketed, there’s all these stray candies/cookies/cakes that find their way into my mouth (and somehow I mysteriously forget to photograph them).  I need to just say no to sugar, it’s not doing me any favors and just makes me sleepier than I already am.
  • Up my protein.  I’m not one for a high protein diet, but I do think I need to change my diet based on my current schedule.  I’ve talked to nutritionists about my crazy work schedule and my all-encompassing exhaustion most days; they have suggested upping my lean protein levels to keep me from crashing.  That does not mean I’m getting all Atkinsy, it just means I’m playing around with my egg/bean/cheese/meat levels to see what works best.  (You may have already noticed I’ve been eating meat more than usual lately).
  • Sleep.  I need to get more sleep; I am literally killing myself with my lack of shut eye.  I need to prioritize my body’s needs over the needs of editors, paychecks, and Bones re-runs.  Jobs come and go, but this is the only body I’m going to get.

All in all, February to me is about prioritizing my body and its needs.  I think we all lose track of how important our health is sometimes and I’ve been feeling awfully hypocritical lately when I preach about loving oneself and taking care of our bodies when I’m physically about to fall apart.  Hopefully by the time March resolutions roll around I’ll be feeling in tip-top condition.

What are you resolving for February?