I got home so late last night that I basically just rolled into bed and took off my pants.  Yeah, I’m classy like that.  If you’ve been chomping at the bit to know what my Tuesday was like, which unless you are my mother (and maybe not even then) I assume you are not, no worries I’ve got a recap for you.

Last night was fun, I was part of a sketch comedy  competition.  I was a little tentative going in because we’d basically re-written our sketch last week and hadn’t rehearsed it since, but it turned out really well and we were actually a finalist at the end.  The scene that won was better, but I was pretty proud of our performance.  We’re performing it again this Sunday at a cabaret type show.

Dinner was comedy club salad, but honestly as far as comedy clubs go, the food wasn’t that bad…I was surprised.  With each purchase people got a ticket and there was a raffle at the end of the show and I won!

I never win anything, but this wasn’t my thing, so I just remained sitting.  You see, the winner(s) have to get on stage and play flip-cup for a chance to win money.  It may sound strange, seeing as how I’m an actor and get on stage all the time, but when I’m not performing I would rather not be up in front of a room full of people.  Achilles took my place, even though he’d never played before.  I appreciated that, I’d had enough limelight for the day.

After the show we went to a hookah bar.  I’m not a huge fan of smoking things, so I mostly just hung out and sipped a soda.  Yeah, I’m a wild one.  Can’t tame me!


Egg white omelet with mushrooms, onion, and goat cheese.  Topped with avocado.
Coffee with soy milk


The last of the vegetable soup
Whole wheat pita with hummus


Sorry about the glaring flash, the club was dark.  I couldn’t even see the salad while eating it.

Salad with walnuts, chicken, blue cheese, tomato, lettuce, apple, and some sort of vinaigrette