Ugh, the stomach flu is the worst!

Apparently three other people from my office were out today, most likely from the same bug I had.  Maybe it wasn’t the salad’s fault after all.

I stayed home today, slept, wrote, and hit up an editorial meeting with the staff of one of the websites I’m working with.  One of my resolutions was to be more on the point with them, and it looks like they’re taking care of that resolution for me by putting together an editorial calendar.  I LOVE ORGANIZED PEOPLE!  Also, it looks like my writing responsibilities with them will increase this year from one post a week to three.  Yay, work!

Unfortunately last night due to my digestive disturbance I missed the production of Ragtime my friend is in.  So far I’ve bought four tickets for the show (once to go with family, and once solo), and none have been used.  Luckily my friend wrangled up a comp ticket for me tonight, so hopefully, barring no further disruption I’ll finally get to see her perform.

I’d like to say I feel 100%, but I still feel kind of crappy and food isn’t sitting well with me.  I tried eating lunch today and that seems to have been a bad choice.  It looks like light and bland are the best options.  I hope all this clears up by tomorrow because I’m hosting my birthday party, which will be a potluck.  I want to be able to eat all the yumminess!

For my part I’m going to be making stuffed cabbage and rugalach.  I make a mighty fine galumpkis (stuffed cabbage) if I do say so myself.

Here’s a look at my boring menu for the day:


Apple sauce


Spelt bagel with almond butter & apricot-raspberry preserves

That turned out to be a little too much for my healing system so I made dinner a bit lighter.


Apple sauce & banana
This must be what it feels like to be a toddler

Happy weekend everyone!  I’ll be back with potluck pictures on Monday!