Who do I need to bake cookies for to get a few more hours in the day.  I have decided that my pesky need for sleep gets in the way of my ability to be as productive as I want to be.

Yesterday was my day off, meaning I had no post work plans, which of course resulted in a pretty intimidating To-Do list.

At the end, I did the exercise video and slept.  Not really quite as productive as I’d hoped.  I did, however, meet a friend for a viewing of Pedro Almodovar’s new film, Broken Embraces.  It wasn’t on my list, but my friend had free passes and I really love Almodovar.  Priorities.  Sigh.  Now I’ve got to figure out a way to get everything else done in the next 24 hours coupled with the fact that I have a friend coming in from Israel that I’m meeting for coffee after work, and I’m going to see Ragtime on Broadway at 8pm because another friend is in it.

It may seem like I’m putting a little too much emphasis on seeing friends when I have stuff to do, but I haven’t seen anyone in so long!

I guess that settles it, I need to quit my job, it’s just getting in the way of me being able to clean my bathroom.

Breakfast (Wednesday)

2 eggs over medium, whole grain toast
Half Grapefruit


2% Greek yogurt w/peaches & granola


It’s been a few weeks since I indulged in my favorite busy night dinner:
Udon noodle soup with bok choy & shrimp

Off to the coal mines for me….