A couple of weeks ago the nice folks at Skinny Water sent me a box of libation to try.

Normally I’m not big on food reviews of things I don’t buy myself, but my curiosity was peaked.  You see, I kind of like flavored waters. It’s a guilty pleasure for a girl who otherwise exists on a primarily natural diet.

We all have our weaknesses, mine is water that’s not really water.

Skinny Water has big labels on the outside that say: “All natural flavors and colors with no preservatives.”  Is Skinny Water made of juice and H2O?  Well not exactly, it’s got lots of hard to pronounce ingredients that may be natural flavors, but you probably can’t pick them in a field somewhere.

Having said that, I still kind of like them.

My trial box came with six flavors, that all have magical super powers:

  • Raspberry Pomegranate: Crave Control, which functions as an appetite suppressant
  • Peach Mango Mandarin: XXX Detox, which functions and an antioxidant  flush
  • Acai Grape Blueberry: High Energy, which you guessed it functions and an energy booster
  • Lemonade Passionfruit: Total-V, which works like a multivitamin
  • Goji Fruit Punch: Shape, which is supposed to replenish electrolytes and aid in muscle recovery
  • Orange Cranberry Tangerine: Wake-Up, which is like a super whammy of Vitamin C

Do the super powers work?  I dunno, I didn’t notice myself leaping tall buildings with a single bound or my hunger being satiated any more than usual between meals, but they are tasty.

They kind of taste like liquid fruit snacks, the grape or orange or punch “aids” of my childhood.  There’s something kind of comforting about that almost juice taste that brings me back.  They’re also calorie free, which makes me feel like they’re closer to being “water” than Vitamin Water.

By far my favorite was the Orange Cranberry Tangerine, the citrus in it cut the sweetness a bit which made it refreshing.  Acai Grape Blueberry pretty much tasted like grape juice; The Lemonade Passion Fruit, Goji Fruit Punch, and Raspberry Pomegranate all tasted like various fruit roll-ups in liquid form.  The only flavor I didn’t much care for was the Peach Mango Mandarin which was way too sweet for me.

Will “Skinny Water” replace other “waters” for me when I’m thirsty and on the go?  Yes, I could definitely see myself picking this up at a bodega or after a run across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It probably will never replace real water for me though.  What can I say?  I’m a purist at heart.