WARNING: People at the gym may be crabbier than they appear.

If New Year’s is a fresh start and a time to make the most of our lives, one more time, then the gym is not the place you want to go to feel positive about yourself this week.  That place is CRAZY.

Usually I avoid the gym for the first few weeks of the year and sub in exercise videos and yoga classes, but tonight I decided I’d try my hand at competitive gym going.  I have never seen that many people at my gym.  There were no lockers left in the locker room, people were bringing there stuff with them to the exercise floor.  Evil eyes were rampant, and people were arguing over the 30 minute max on cardio machines.

I played it safe and went to a spin class. Classes are capped and you have to get there early enough to get a ticket to be ensured a bike, as long as I got a ticket I knew I’d be safe.  Still, the dirty looks and bike hogging were ridiculous.

The way people were acting you’d think that the gym was their most favorite place on earth…and they were giving out free cars.

I think the people there need to rethink their resolutions; if they’re that disgruntled at the gym then maybe it’s not the right type of exercise for them.  As for me, I had a great night.  If I could, I would take spin class everyday after work.  I find spinning to be the most cleansing of all the exercises I do; nothing clears my mind quite like a dark room with loud music and rhythmic peddling.

Always in an effort to conserve time, I headed home and immediately roasted an acorn squash for dinner, while that was baking I popped in a yoga DVD for a little bonus cleansing.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty darn cleansy.

Still, the gym has some nasty ju-ju going on…


Whole grain English muffin with cottage cheese and tomato


Coffee w/sugar (real sugar, gasp!) and milk
Cherry Pie Larabar


Sunday’s leftovers, Baked Salmon and semi-fried rice

Carrots and hummus


I started to notice a theme among my food choices for the day.


Baked acorn squash stuffed with couscous, spinach and goat cheese.