In my humble opinion Denise Austin needs to leave the fallow world of exercise DVDs behind her and immerse herself in her true calling…phone sex.

Her voice is prime for it.

I’m done now, on to the review:

My 2010 inaugural workout was Ms. Austin’s new Body Makeover Mix.  It’s New Year’s, a body makeover seems pretty promising; this is the stuff resolutions are made of.

While I may feel a little bit lame popping in her DVDs, they’re not exactly what one would deem sexy, I trust her in her area of expertise. A quick Amazon search came back with 46 DVDs and hundreds of VHS’ with a spandex clad Austin. The woman has to be on to something because she is exactly twice my age and still in Barbie doll condition.

Body Makeover Mix is compiled of three 15-minute workouts.

The first section is Upper Body, now Austin and her crew only use 3lb weights for the entire segment.  I was actually pretty amazed at the fact that I was feeling anything at all at that light resistance, but in future workouts I will sub in heavier weights for some of the exercises.  Three pounds pec flies don’t really cut it.

The second section, lower body is basically a go at the ballet bar.  Get yourself a kitchen chair and Arabesque your ass off.  I have to say that this was my favorite section for its entertainment value.  As she she babbled on about having a “Dancer’s Body” I could not stop thinking of Jim Gaffigan reminiscing about food.  The similarities are kind of amazing.  Anyhoo, there are some great butt moves in here, like the attitude and mini extensions.

Section three is abs, as it always is.  Poor abs, they always come in last.  This section was actually the most fun; it was livelier than ab sections usually are, possibly because of Ausin’s unfettered enthusiasm for all things toning.  The first five minutes are standing weight based moves, still only using 3lb. weights.  The next ten minutes are for the most part a Pilates abs series, scissors, bows, and a few crunches for good measure.  There’s even a little superman and cobra at the end so your lower back doesn’t feel left out.

I do have a new favorite exercise from this DVD: Renegade Rows.  A good way to mix up your average boring, soul crushing, plank by alternating lifting the weights in each hand.  Normally these are done with kettle balls, but I like the option to do them with itty-bitty weights like Denise.

This isn’t a hard workout, but it is well rounded and perfect for those just starting.  I may keep it around and sub in heavier weights in the future for those nights I’m feeling lazy.  Everyone should have a lazy day workout.