I am truly a musical spaz.  When people ask “What type of music do you like” as they usually do on dates and awkward social interactions, I get very nervous.  Damn that question.  I don’t know what kind of music I like, how dare you ask me something so personal, can’t I just tell you my social security number, at least I know that.  Usually my answer is “Uhh, I like a little bit of everything.”  That’s right before I shrink back and look for less intrusive people to talk to.

The truth is  I have no idea what’s going on in music. Sometimes I put on Pandora and take notes to look into later on iTunes.  Or I just go straight to the source and buy at random.  I’ve purchased some truly terrible albums for the sake of educating myself.

Yesterday, however, I decided to grow a pair and refresh my exercise playlist.  Rihanna and Britney were getting kind of old. Plus, I can’t listen to Rihanna anymore now without thinking of Chris Brown and that just puts a damper on my stride.

I hit up iTunes to refresh my running playlist and psych myself up to go to the gym this year.  Here’s what I added to the mix:

It really is amazing how motivational music is, now I’m chomping at the bit to hop on a treadmill and test drive my new friends.

I’m always up for suggestions, so if there are any must have ditties I should add to my workout playlist please school me. When people ask me what’s currently on my iPod I’d rather not admit that it’s Bill Withers.


Grapefruit juice

Whole grain English muffin w/Almond Butter


The last of the No Cream of Cauliflower soup

Greek Salad w/ lite Caesar dressing


My sort-of stir fry cooking.  I like to partially steam the veggies first, and bake the tofu a bit before transferring to the fry pan so I don’t need as much oil.  A little bit of oil at the end to crisp everything up goes a long way.

Stir fry with peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, tofu and teriyaki sauce over brown rice