Happy New Year!  Hallelujah it’s 2010.  Let’s get this party started.

But first here’s a run down of what my New Year’s eve looked like.

I started the day at 3am!  That’s just not healthy, but my breakfast was:


Smoothie w/ soy milk, strawberries, 1/2 banana, frozen mango & protein powder

Off to work I went for a whopping 4 hours, where I was afraid to start anything substantial, so I just cleaned up some loose ends and counted down to lunch time. Which happened at approximately 2pm when I got home, but first:

I changed immediately into my PJ’s upon getting home, then came lunch.  New Year’s was my night to relax, and that meant no cooking for me, I stuck with leftovers:


Left over tuna kabob (sans stick) over couscous
Note to self and others: Tuna microwaved=not awesome

Now it’s time for some relaxation.  I little email checking got me going, and I ended up spending the next 3 hours redesigning my blog:

Well, I guess that takes care of one New Year’s resolution.
What do we think?
I’m having a wee bit of back end trouble with it.  There must be a bit of wonky code somewhere because every so often it comes up as unavailable or I can’t log in for a minute, so if you run into page load issues please shoot me an email and let me know, so I can find someone with more expertise than I to fix it.

After hours of tinkering it was time to chillax and put the computer down.  Time for a little entertainment:

If your New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight, become a vegetarian, or eat more locally I definitely recommend this movie.  It touched base on a lot of what is wrong with our mass production of food, and how cruel it is to the animals.  Like the fact that the major poultry “manufacturers” fatten chickens up so much that they can’t support their own weight, they can only take a couple of steps before their legs buckle.  It was really sad, and don’t even get me started on pigs and cows.


So, I ate a little left over birthday cake to comfort me

Then filled my mind with squat thrusts, and filled my nails with polish:

Had a late dinner of more leftovers:


Rajmah & brown rice

Then the countdown began.

At midnight I lifted a glass…

of gingerale!

And by 12:05 I was in bed.  Happy New Year everyone, may your 2010 be full of love, laughter, and yummy food.