I would like to say ‘What the Crazy!” to the pricing gods at Williams-Sonoma. Sometimes when I’m avoiding productivity at work I think long, hard, and whimsically about what sort of meals I’ll create later in the week.   Yesterday I decided during a prolonged coffee break that for tonight’s dinner I would make stuffed chicken breasts for me and the folks.  So, off to Williams-Sonoma I went to buy a mallet for the flattening of chicken breasts. Forty Bucks! I’m sorry, but  a mallet is just a glorified hammer, and I’m pretty sure I got my hammer in a dollar store.  So, instead I got all Tim the Toolman Taylor on this biznatch…

I have a much more reasonably priced mallet in my Amazon shopping cart, but until delivery I must say the ole hammer your chicken into submission trick worked out pretty well.

Rolled, seared, and baked in my new All-Clad pan.


And now for the whole day recap:


Egg & Cheddar on a whole wheat English muffin Clementine Coffee w/Soy milk


Life is like a…


Left over Rajmah over brown rice w/plain nonfat yogurt


Cashew Cookie Larabar


Chicken breast stuffed with zucchini, mushrooms and feta Whole wheat spaghetti tossed in olive oil and Asiago cheese