Two more days left and the pressure to be spectacular on Thursday night is on.  New Year’s always carries with it this overwhelming pressure to have the most fun ever.

Honestly, I’m done with pressure.  The way I want to ring in the new year is a quiet night of self pampering.  While many a party, bar night, and girls night in have been proposed to me I think what I need more than anything is a little down time.  Time to pluck my eyebrows and catch up on Netflix seems downright sinful right now.  This year has been busy and dramatic and crazy, and I think that more than makes up for spending New Year’s wearing sweatpants and feeling awkward about Dick Clark.

While I have tried to politely bow out of the invites sent my way, most people think I’m either crazy or depressed.  I don’t know when it became an unwritten rule that being alone on New Year’s means that you’re unloved or anti-social; sometimes a little quiet goes a long way toward recharging for a full year ahead.

This New Year’s Eve I’m making a date with my toes, my eyebrows, my DVD collection and I refuse to feel lame about it.  Honestly, I can’t wait, I’m really looking forward to a night with zero responsibility.

How are you spending your Eve?


Banana crunch cereal w/strawberries and 1% milk
Grapefruit juice




Cauliflower soup
Salad w/lettuce, beets, mandarin oranges, yellow pepper, and almonds
Oil & vinegar


Rajmah (Red bean curry), recipe from Pink of Perfection
Over brown rice, topped with plain yogurt