Let me be honest about something: tomorrow is my birthday, which means, between now and January 1 my ability to prioritize fruits, vegetables, fibery foods over chocolate, sugar, things doused in butter, deteriorates significantly.

It happens, it’s life, it tis the holiday season.

My goal is to not eat crap for the sake of eating crap, but if a delicious morsel or alcoholic beverage of calorically abhorrent nature passes my lips I shall not freak out, I shall enjoy and move on and vow to once again fit into my pants comfortably.

My hope is to counter some of the decadence of the next few weeks with exercise, and a few healthy meals where I can get them.  Today is an example of the beginning of my current struggle.  A birthday lunch with a friend, followed by a birthday outing for a mid-day coffee and dessert at an decadent-to-say-the-least Austrian bakery with my boss and co-worker .

I can’t help it, people like me and want to feed me.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

If you are looking for a role model to tell you that you can be healthy and bypass the cookie tray and lose 10 lbs this holiday season: I’m so not your girl.  Dieting in December goes against the very core of my being.


Reasonable start to the day:
Low fat Greek yogurt, strawberries, granola


Cuban Sandwich

Fried plantains (with a gross lime mayonnaise, ick)

Yummy Time

Vanilla Rum Cake.  Best. Coffee. Break. Ever.


Food is overrated, I had a glass of Rioja for dinner.


I already had dessert, instead I chose to work a little of it off.  Review to come.