This just in: Food is good.

This is something I contemplated all afternoon as I sat festering in my chair waiting for the second I could dart home and make dinner.  Note to self, yogurt and a pear not enough to hold me over all day.

My favorite part of being home these days is running in the door and lighting my Christmas tree.

IMG_0759 <—Tree, of the Christmas variety.

Every year for Christmas (I celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, one of the benefits of multi denominational parents) my mom bought/buys me an ornament (or two), with the idea that one day I would be a grown up and have my own tree and be able to decorate it with  ornaments symbolic of every Christmas before.

For the last 20+ years my ornaments have been shoved into a box in a closet in hopes that one day I’d be a grown up.  This year, at 27 (almost, in 8 days) I decided it was finally time to decorate my own tree.

I cannot stop smiling at this friggin plastic tree!  Love it.  It fills me with such simple happiness that I’m considering leaving it up all year round.  Everything in life should be this simple and happy making.

I think there should be ornamented trees for just about every major event in one’s life.  I think I’m going to write to the president and see if he can make that happen.

In the mean time, I will control what I can make happen on my own, which is meal time.  I didn’t even realize I was starving mid afternoon until I checked in on my mama and she said “Have you eaten, you’re cranky.”  That’s pretty telling.  Yogurt is perhaps not a well balanced meal, even if I am on a mission to debloat from the sodium rich cafeteria food of yesterweek.

You live, you learn:



Egg white omelet with tomato, and lite cheddar
Whole grain toast



Honey flavored yogurt (not a fan, won’t buy this brand again) w/walnuts
Asian pear (which wasn’t ripe and I ended up throwing out)



Whole wheat angel hair pasta topped with:
Shrimp, yellow squash, tomato, Asiago cheese
Tossed in olive oil, oregano and lemon juice