Over the weekend I came across a skirt that had my name written all over it. Well, not literally, a skirt littered with “Kim” would be somewhat creepy and audience specific to be honest.  This skirt, was purple , and pencil, and cheap.  Three things I enjoy very much.

Without a second thought I bought it.  It is a size 8, which used to be my comfy size, but now  just fits, but it doesn’t fit, if you know what I’m saying.  I could have gone up a size except for the fact that this size 8 purple pencil skirt was the only one like it in the store.  It’s like the shopping gods were smiling down on me, and then laughing at me behind my back.

The skirt zips but is a little too tight to be flattering right now.  Usually I am anti “goal clothes.”  I try to wear clothes that fit and flatter me, regardless of my size. Often times I cut out the tags as soon as I bring something home as to avoid obsessing over sizes.  This skirt has inadvertently become my goal skirt. It is, a symbol of my underlying mission to get back to that happy place in my body.  I hate giving a piece of spandex and wool that sort of power over me, but it’s really, really cute and deserves a firm behind to show it off in the proper light.

I turn this to you: How do you feel about goal clothes?  Great motivator or waste of money?



Greek yogurt with honey & walnuts


Snack 1




Tomato soup, half whole wheat pita, grapes


Snack 2

Peanut Butter & Jelly Larabar



Garden salad w/ olive oil & vinegar


Broiled lemon pepper mahi mahi
Steamed yellow squash