It is December.  Usually December is a month that I look forward to because of all the Yuletide fun it presents: the time with family and friends, and well my favorite holiday of all, my birthday.   This year I am looking forward to it for another reason entirely, this year I’m looking forward to it because it means that 2009 is finally coming to an end.

I know the world isn’t going to change because the last two digits on my checks do, it’s more about perception.  One of the reasons I make new resolutions every month is because I have always loved the idea of a fresh start.  There are few things in life more powerful than a clean slate.  There is no slate cleaner in my book than January 1.

This year has been rough for me.  There have been some shining moments, but for the most part I’d really just like to see it over with, and because of that I’m postponing some of my normal holiday (read: birthday) hoopla, and toning down festivities.  I’d like nothing more than for 2009 to go out quietly as it has been quite the noisy year.

My mom is having surgery on December 9th.  I don’t know what her recovery will be like, so my December will be dedicated to her.  Once I know she’ll be okay, I’ll break out the birthday cake.

So, my resolutions this month will be simple.  But before we get to those, how ‘bout a recap of November?

I have to say I did really well with my November resolutions.  Which to jog your memory were:

  1. To share the love and let people know I appreciate them.  I have become much more open about my emotions lately.  And in one particular circumstance instead of the love, I shared the I’m putting myself first. So, in one instance I was honest about some negative emotions, but for the most part I made a point to let the people in my life know how awesome they are.
  2. Snack.  I did, I snacked.  Mission accomplished.
  3. Take better care of my skin.  Moisturizer was my friend this month.  I wasn’t perfect, there were nights that a pillow was visited before a good ole fashioned face washing, but I netted a better pore cleansing average than before.
  4. Back to the gym.  I finally started back at the gym this month after a hiatus of a couple of months.  It’s amazing how a place that can at one point be a normal part of your life can after a brief absence become scary and intimidating.  This is still something I’m working on, but I’m back and finding my footing slowly.

November was a good month for resolutions!

Now for December:

  1. Listen to my body.  It is so easy in times of stress to lose track of what is good for us and what we need.  Things like sleep, a healthy meal, and down time fall by the wayside.  I only get one body, and while I know this will be a stressful month, not only due to the holidays but also because of hospital stays and most likely a fair share of hysterical breakdowns, I still only get this one body.  I need to take care of it.  Good food, adequate sleep, and a break when I need it—that’s not too much to ask for.
  2. Eat at the table.  I had made the resolution last year to start eating my meals at the dining room table.  I did for a while, but then the couch and the TV came calling.  In December my meals will be civilized.
  3. Brush my hair.  Everyday.  Oh my, I am a disaster lately.  This month I’m going to aim for not looking like a hotmess all the time.  That means ironing my clothes, actually brushing my hair (instead of going for the curly/messy look I’ve started to define) and maybe even putting on make-up.  It’s not all vanity though folks, it all goes back to taking care of myself.  I feel frayed and crappy so I don’t put much effort into my appearance.  When I actually take the time to look like a human being, strangely enough, I actually feel like a human being.  I’m aiming for human again.

That’s it for December.  Now next month, that’s going to be something awesome.  I’ve been thinking long and hard about my New Year’s Resolutions and I’m really excited by what I’ve come up with.   For now there is still one month left to 2009 and I’m going to try to make the most I can of it.

What are you resolving for December?