kitchenaid-mixer-90th-anniversary-stand-mixerToday, Black Friday, I did something I am very proud of.  I decided to buy myself something, not now, but in about nine months.  You see, I really, really want this (<– yup, that’s a link)super-duper-oh-my-god-I-can’t-breath-it’s–so-pretty stand mixer.  I can’t really see spending  $340 on a kitchen appliance right now, even if it is candy apple red and oh so tempting as baking season gets into high gear.  I’m just now starting to rebuild my once flush savings up from its currently dismal state and work off the credit card debt I accumulated in my 9-months of less than full time working.

I’ve often joked that the only reason one should get married is to get their hands on the long sought after KitchenAid Mixer.  When I was little I used to dream of a fantasy wedding, a big dress and an awesome sound track to dance to, not anymore, now I dream of the gift registry, which is a pretty sure fire sign that I am definitely not one who should even think about getting married.  Instead of waiting for Mr. I-Could-Probably-Not-Divorce-You to come along, I think I’ll start picking off items from that dream registry now.  Starting with the mixer.

KitchenAid Account

I can’t do it yet though, this is a commitment, not something I should rush into.  I want to be ready.  Financially that is.  So, today I started a new savings account, appropriately called “KitchenAid Mixer.”  I’ve estimated it will take me approximately nine months to save enough through automatically deducted $10-a-week deposits to pay for it.  That will land me right around next Fall, perfect time to start baking again!

Here’s the food.



Apple pie & coffee w/soy milk



Two eggs & white toast



My mom surprised me with fried chicken for dinner.  It’s definitely a comfort food, and I don’t usually have it more than once or twice a year.  Luckily, it came with vegetables.

I can’t wait to get back to the gym and start working off some of this weeks festivities.  I packed some exercise videos, maybe if I’m persuasive enough I can get my dad to do one with me.  He’s a very good sport (translation: he never says “no” to me), so whenever I’m home I try to get him exercising with me.  Maybe a little yoga tonight, I think that would be good for us.