IMG_0675 And so that time of year starts.  It’s not quite Thanksgiving, but I’m already sporting that, What this, oh, I’m not pregnant, I’m just really, really full, look.

Last night ended up being an impromptu girls night out.  Not quite the night of spinning and veggie burger I was planning, but a margarita never hurt anyone.  Hmm, okay, that might not be an entirely true statement, but you get where I’m going.

Sometimes a night out with the girls is much better for your health than a night at the gym.  Our poison was all you can eat night at a divey Mexican restaurant.  It was delightful, and a challenge.  When I see the worlds “All You can Eat” I generally think, hmm, do they know how much I can eat?

This wasn’t an all you can eat event for light weights though, there were rules.  Rules were as such:

  1. Appetizer of chicken or black bean soup (somehow we managed to get the waiter to give it to us to go, and luckily I had it for lunch today).
  2. Your first plate comes with rice and beans.  In order to qualify for a second plate you must eat everything on your first plate.
  3. If you so much as lick another persons fork there is no refill for you.  NO SHARING.
  4. Your second plate can be a combination of anything on the menu, no rice and beans this time, but like the last round you must finish everything on your plate before qualifying for more.

We tried, we really did.  We didn’t make it though.  One plate is all we could muster.  I guess that is a very good and very normal thing, you know, to only be able to eat one dinner, but still I was a bit saddened by my lack of follow through.

Just because we couldn’t eat more than one meal doesn’t mean we didn’t eat dessert though.  Is there anything better than sharing a sweet treat with friends?

You don’t have to answer, the answer is ‘no.’

Today, I woke up with the best of intentions, at least in terms of eating.  I already had dinner plans but had planned them around one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants.  So, this morning I ate a well balanced breakfast.  Not because I was hungry, in fact, I was still pretty full from the night before.  Instead I ate a big breakfast to be better able to manage my hunger the rest of the day.

Little did I know there was going to be a cupcake the size of my head in my life today.

A gift, from my boss.  I couldn’t refuse 😉

I wasn’t really hungry for lunch, but I couldn’t really justify eating a cupcake as a meal, so I shoveled some soup down my gullet.

For some reason today was all about eating out of requirement not hunger.

Luckily by dinner time I was hungry.

I’m full again now though.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner based on the fullness I’m currently feeling.  It could take a week or two to remember what it feels like to need food.

Something tells me this is only the beginning of this feeling.  Tis the season to be full.




Yogurt w/strawberries and granola
Coffee w/half & half



The last of that left over chickpea stew with some left over rice.  Yeah leftovers!
Apple Sauce



Coffee & Larabar Jocalat bar



Frozen Margarita


Enchilidas Suizas


Sopapillas (and peace sign courtesy of my friend Yos)




Spelt bagel with egg and lite cheddar
Peach slices (yes they’re canned, but sans syrup and in real juice)
Orange juice

Unexpected Snack


My boss stopped by with the best cupcake ever.



Chicken soup
I ended up saving the hummus and pita for another day.



Salad w/carrot ginger dressing (so that’s what vegetables look like)


Spicy vegetable curry with rice & lentils