My birthday is in exactly 42 days.  Yes, this may seem like a strange moment to start counting down, but I assure you I am totally insane.

I love my birthday.  But I’m not egocentric (okay I am), I love everyone’s birthday.  I love your birthday too.  In fact, I am gravely insulted when people refuse to let me celebrate their existence in the manner I find becoming…which of course is to lavish them with attention and gratitude in their existence and quite possibly a gift or two as a momento of my adoratation.  Of course we should appreciate our friends and loved ones every day, but life is complicated and distracting and sometimes we’re not always able to celebrate people in the manner we would like to.  As far as I’m concerned birthday’s are a reminder to show people how much we appreciate them.  Really, I’m good to have around come candle time.

This year, well this year has probably been the worst year ever in the history of years, or at least my years.  So, I’m pretty psyched to leave this age behind and venture on to a new one, which is why I am counting down the days till my birthday.  If you can’t tell by my monthly resolutions I’m pretty big on fresh starts.

Oh, back to birthdays: I’m usually pretty predictable when it comes to what I like to do. I like to sing karaoke.  Simple pleasures really.  But, karaoke can be quite an expensive outing for people and there are always a few people who leave without paying and everyone else ends up ponying up big bucks for Tommy over there to sing My Heart Will Go On.

This year, because everyone I know is broke, I have decided to do something smaller scale.  I’ve decided to ring in 27 in not only a celebration of myself, but in a celebration of the people in my life.  How will I do that? A potluck.  A potluck so themed that everyone brings a food or beverage (alcoholic of course) that is typical of their ethnic background.  This works out well because my friends closely resemble the UN, if you live in an Amish compound there are only so many stroopwafels to be had.

I spent a fair portion of today patting myself on the back for this novel idea…then my friend came over with pirogies for dinner which I obviously took as a sign.  I am 1/8th Polish, so yeah, definitely a sign that a celebration of friends and food is in order.

Let the countdown begin…


Homemade yogurt w/banana and granola



I promise you that not even my carby loving self could eat all this bread (but I sure tried).  For my lunch outing with a friend I had a “mediteranean platter” which consisted of hummus, babaganoush, and tabouli salad.



Sauerkraut and mushroom pirogies

The dinner I ate and the dinner I made where two very different things.  My friend Priya decided to stop by for dinner.  I was preparing a simple lentil and rice dish.  She brought over a nosh of fresh pirogies from a Polish grocery store in the area as an appetizer.  By the time we’d finished our “appetizer” we were full and I just packed up the lentils for another day when I’m too tired to cook.  Those suckers are small but filling.