Wow, okay I’m really tired, but tired in a good way.  Yesterday was a long, exciting, flour filled day.  I got to meet not one, but two readers yesterday which was very exciting for me.  You do exist!

First, a hello to Marietta (I hope I spelled that right.) who I met on the F train around 8:20 in the morning.  It was wonderful meeting you, one day I’ll have to make my way to Roosevelt Island and borrow books!

In the evening I got to meet Anna, who attended my challah baking class and made quite tasty challah if I do say so myself!  It was great meeting you and your friend Jamie (I think.  Yes?  Spelling?)  You were both so lovely and quite handy with a packet of yeast.  Let me know how the challah comes out!

If any one lives in NYC or is visiting and sees me wondering around in a daze (that’s my general state of being) please feel free to say hi.  I absolutely love meeting you all.

Oh, right, so Challah Baking 101.  First let me say, I have flour in places that should never ever be floured.  It was a flour extravaganza!  At first, I have to say, I wasn’t quite so sure what the hell I was doing.  I generally have the feeling that no one should really let me explain things to them, because I sort of have this philosophy in life that you just sort of do a bunch of stuff and see if it works out.  If it does you tell everyone and are a genius.   If not, well then, maybe no talking about it.  But, as the night progressed I got a bit better at communicating the how to’s of bread making and braiding.  The thing about challah bread is that it may look fancy, but it’s really super duper easy to make.

I was feeling a bit nervous about teaching, when I went down to my work refrigerator during the day and noticed that my two individual challah loaves had turned into one evil challah monster!





Hmm, yeah, I probably should have seen that one coming, but I was in my own little world.  It baked up and tasted just fine, so that’s good.

The class was a success and the Cantor (according to Mariam-Webster online a cantor is “a synagogue official who sings or chants liturgical music and leads the congregation in prayer”, for those of you that don’t know) and I discussed me doing another class.  Oh, boy.  I’m much better at these teaching instructionals when it’s just me and a film crew and the ability to cut and start over.  Real life is harder than on camera life, FYI.

So, it’s Friday, and I am very excited by this fact.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take another shower and try, once again, to rid my body of that freshly floured feeling.

Here’s the Thursday food line up:

Breakfast 11.5.09


Oatmeal with lite sour cream
Coffee w/soy milk and truvia



A banana as I saw to very important philanthropic work.



I didn’t eat an entire tub of pea soup, but I forgot to take a picture of my lunch so this is my symbolic gesture.
For lunch I had split pea soup and a pear.



Salad w/lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, avocado, tuna and lite vinaigrette
Apple sauce

There was also some bread nibbling and a chocolate I ate at the baking class.  There are moments I deem acceptable to be the whackjob with the camera and times I do not.  I figured I’d leave the camera in my purse.