I woke up to an interesting news article about a recent study in London that revealed that a diet high in processed foods can actually lead to depression.

That was a perfect precursor to my adventures in eating today:

Today was a much less healthy day than originally planned, and I wasn’t planning on it being all that healthy to begin with.  To start, a long planned dinner with a friend at Hooters was in the works.  Sometimes a girl just needs to eat border-line disgusting wings while watching sports, talking comedy, and all the while contemplating whether or not it would be totally inappropriate to actually buy the Hooters Calendar so ubiquitously marketed.  The decision is “yes” that would be inappropriate.  It just doesn’t mesh with my current design theme, or the fact that I am not in fact a 17-year old boy.  Sorry Hooters girls.

I was well prepared for this outing.  What I was un-prepared for was my lunch outing.  In fact, I was pretty psyched about eating my split pea soup, but when one of my bosses asked if I wanted to have a working lunch, I felt like it was inappropriate to say no.  I’m still new there, and if that means eating a Turkey burger instead of soup…well then, so be it.

I feel gross now.  I’m just a little too full.  I was planning for one indulgence today…two felt a little like binging.

I like to save my binges for those moments when I feel totally out of control.  A wasted binge just feels dirty since it’s not driven by compulsive feelings of helplessness and frustration 😉

I’m not making any unrealistic promises to myself, but I’m hoping that in a couple of hours my body will be deflated enough that I can do some form of exercise but chances are, in a couple of hours I’m going to collapse into a ball of sleepiness.

Breakfast 11.3.09


Orange Juice
Homemade yogurt with granola and banana



Turkey burger w/American Cheese



Hot wings


Curly Fries