I have to tell you all that all of your pumpkin suggestions last week have haunted me all weekend long.  I can’t wait to try them all!  I haven’t even used my can of pumpkin yet, but I’ve already bought more so that I can experiment.  Perhaps I should add pumpkin exploration to my November resolutions.

Today, while picking up groceries for the week I also picked up ingredients for pumpkin ravioli, but don’t you worry, I have my eye on all your other suggestions.  I have a feeling this is going to be a tasty fall.

Pumpkin aside, today was a stressful day.  I was in meetings all day, at 6pm when I would normally be packing up to head home I was just starting to get to work.  By the time I got home all I wanted to do was cook.  It’s such a big stress reliever for me.  Groceries in hand I made myself a simple dinner and split pea soup to bring for lunch this week.

Split pea soup is such a comfort food.  Starchy, warm, green gooey-goodness; I’m looking forward to lunch tomorrow.  I am a firm believer that soups should be simple and instinctual.  This soup started out with me dicing up three carrots and an onion and letting them soften, then adding two cups of green split peas and 8 cups of vegetable broth.  Seasoned with salt, pepper and thyme.  Once it came to a boil I lowered the flame, covered it and let it simmer for 40 minutes.  Sometimes I like it chunky, but this go around I decided to get my immersion blender in on the action to smooth the soup out.  Easy-peasy, literally!


Oh, here’s the rest of the food for the day:

Breakfast 11.2.09

IMG_0570OJ & Vitamins


Whole grain bagel with lite cream cheese



Whole Foods Lunch
Brown Rice Sushi: Salmon & Avocado Roll
Miso Soup (I have to say, it was a bit disappointing in the flavor department)



Garden salad w/red wine vinegar & olive oil


Whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and mushrooms
Chicken sausage