fall-leaves I can’t believe it’s already November.  With Thanksgiving  approaching I know I have more this year to be thankful for than ever before.

I have a new job, a challenging job, a job that actually stimulates me and advances my career in a time when jobs are very scarce.

I’ve been lucky enough all year to be able to write professionally for multiple sources, even after the sad demise of Elastic Waist and while the publishing industry is a less than hopeful place to hang your dreams on.

I got to work on a film that I really believe in, with a cast and crew that I respect.

But most of all, I’m thankful to have my family.

It’s been a rough year, but as it comes to an end I’m realizing that throughout it’s hardships it has revealed rather unsubtly what is most important in life-and that’s definitely something to be grateful for.

I’ve got two months left of this year and I’m going to use them to find some way back to normalcy.  So, without further ado, my November resolutions:

  • Share the love.  There are so many moments in my life, whether I’m walking down the street, having lunch with a friend, trying not to look awkward on the subway or in an elevator that I notice something nice about someone.  This month I’m going to make a point to tell that girl on the F train that her skirt is great, or my friend that I really admire her ability prioritize her needs, or tell my co-worker that they have great eyes.   It’s funny how we’re taught that if we don’t have anything nice to say we shouldn’t say anything at all, but what about  if we do have something nice to say?  What keeps us from complimenting people.  I don’t care if I seem like a weirdo, this month I’m making the resolution to spread the love.
  • Learn to snack.  I’m not a huge snacker.  I tend to eat three-square meals a day, but I’m finding that these days I need a bit more food.  I’m not sure why, but by the time I leave work at around 6pm I’m ready to gnaw my arm off.  This of course makes it pretty rough for me to get to the gym.  I’m hoping by making late-afternoon snacks a regular part of my life I can return to a more normal gym schedule.
  • Take better care of my skin.  I will admit that I have been somewhat lucky in regard to my skin.  I am not the most responsible skin owner, I fall asleep in my make up all the time, I moisturize probably once or twice a week…when I remember.    I need to stop that.  As I get older I recognize that it is more and more important that I take care of this part of my body, like I try to take care of all the other parts of my body.  Eye cream here I come!
  • Find my way back to fitness.  Getting to the gym isn’t usually a problem for me, for most of my adult life it’s been a part of my day,  like showering or brushing my teeth.  The last few of months, however, have really wrecked havoc on my gym going.  Slowly but surely I’m finding my priorities again, but it’s a bit of a struggle right now with an irregular schedule.  This month I’m aiming for a modest 3 days a week of exercise.  That’s less than my normal, but more than I’m doing now.

What are you resolving this month?