Element Yoga for Weight Loss

There are two subtitles that are interchangeable on just about any and every exercise video released.  One is “for beginners” the other is “for weight loss.”  They don’t really mean anything, but they sound good and aren’t particularly intimidating.

By far the most consistently awesome Exercise video series I’ve done has been the Element series.  Everything Element touches turns my butt to gold.  Yoga for Weight Loss is no exception.  I just wish it weren’t “for weight loss” and were instead “for a really positive yoga experience” but alack, there’s really not much I can do about it.

If you are a beginner Yogi you will like this.

If you are an experienced Yogi you will like this.

This is a challenging yoga practice, with standard issue Vinyasas, and a few Pilates-esque saws and push-ups for that reassurance that you’re actually being toned. Adjustments are made for the more novice and more advanced, making this a DVD that you can use at pretty much every level.

What I liked most about this video was instructor Ashley Turner’s commentary. Generally speaking I hate when instructors go off on motivational tangents-just tell me when to squeeze my ass-cheeks!

Yoga is the exception to that rule.  So much of yogas effectiveness depends on being in the right head space.  The soothing commentary part of the video is where the real “weight loss” bent comes in.  Apparently, Ashley has a masters degree in counseling psychology which comes in pretty handy as she reminds you throughout the flowing vinyasas to keep your physical goals in mind, and to stop comparing yourself to media driven images of perfection. That’s a pretty bold statement coming from someone in spandex!

Actually, most of Ashley’s homily isn’t about weight loss at all, it’s more about losing the obsession with skinniness and just take care of ourselves…you know, just for the hell of it.  Mayhap the subtitle should be “for self acceptance.”

Nah, self acceptance is so un-sexy.

I’m kind of in love with this video.  It’s 50-minutes of solid stretchy self acceptance, and don’t see a damn thing wrong with that.

FYI: It’s less than $10 on Amazon.