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Once upon a time, at right about exactly this time last year I bought a can of Farmer’s Market Organic Pumpkin.  I had every good intention of getting in the fall spirit and getting my pumpkin-eating on.

I stumbled upon one little problem in my journey to pumpkin euphoria…I’ve never really eaten pumpkin.  Okay, that’s a lie.  I had pumpkin pie once.  Once!  I might as well turn over my passport, because I’m pretty much un-American.

I read a lot of food blogs, and own way too many cookbooks, and watch an unseemly amount of the Food Network–what I’ve learned is that as soon as the leaves start changing color out comes the pumpkin.

I’ll admit a fair bit of jealousy.  Growing up I was never exposed to the wonders of pumpkin.  Instead, my family has always favored another orange fall food…the sweet potato (see tonight’s dinner).  Let me just tell you I make the worlds best sweet potato pie.  It’s actually official, the world called to tell me.  I’m getting a ribbon next week.

Sweet potatoes yes, pumpkin no.

This friggin can of pureed pumpkin carcass has sat in my pantry taunting me for over a year.  I’ve had just about enough of it’s label staring me down…I am vowing to use this can of pumpkin before next week is up.

Consider this my plea for help: What do I do with this thing?

How do you eat pumpkin?  And more importantly, how should I eat pumpkin?

Breakfast 10.29.09


Huevos Rancheros
I had left over black beans and decided to make a reasonable facsimile of one of my favorite brunch items.  Usually when I order heuvos rancheros, they come with a tortilla, but I’m fresh out of tortillas so beans, salsa and egg are all I could muster.  It was really good!  I even made my egg in a biscuit cutter to try and get all haute cuisine-next time I’ll just keep it simple.


Orange juice

Lunch & Snacks


Kale & white bean soup (one more day to go!)
Hummus & whole wheat mini pitas



That looks really phallic, no?



My tried and true tofu draining method.  Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is a very useful kitchen tool.


Baked BBQ Tofu
1/2 a really big sweet potato


Garden salad w/ red wine vinegar and olive oil