Watch this:

A friend sent that to me today.  She said it made her think of me immediately.

I’m not quite sure how to take that.

I have to say, I feel like I was much too young in the 1980s to appreciate all of the awesometastic aerobic gear that was at my fingertips.  I did have a unitard with bears kissing on it that I wore to karate when I was three, before I grew into my standard issue martial arts gi.  I’m sure I looked super-duper threatening.  That was around the same time as this video.  I guess that makes me feel less left out.  Oh, but the slouch socks, how truly, madly, deeply, I miss them.

One more reason to get a job at Hooters.  As far as I know, Hooters Restaurants are the only place in the world that still has access to slouch sock manufacturers.  I imagine there’s a lone weaver with a loom and miles of elastic locked up in a room somewhere solely for the purpose of keeping Hooters in hotpants and slouch socks.

Speaking of spandex: I woke up this morning with my calves feeling really sore.  I’m not sure why, all I did yesterday was think long and hard about doing a yoga DVD.  Eventually I compromised with myself and decided to put it off for tomorrow, which inadvertently is today.  Perhaps part of the compromise was that I would feel sore a day early.  Has phantom soreness ever happened to you?  .

But I digress, here’s the food from today…

Breakfast 10.28.09


Orange juice


Steel cut oats with brown sugar, banana and walnuts

Lunch & Snacks 10.28.09


Kale & White bean soup (don’t tell me you’re surprised?)
Baby carrots w/low fat sour cream-onion dip

Dinner 10.28.09


Veggie burger w/2% American Cheese on Spelt English muffin
Salad w/lite Caesar dressing