I think I’ve become a bit spoiled.  I LOVE LIVING ALONE.

It is because of this fact that I have been thinking long and hard about my finances.  If I’m going to continue this somewhat lavish lifestyle, and by lavish I mean solitary, I’ve come to adore so much, I need to know before I spend money on things that they’re really worth it to me.

At the very top of my list of things that are worth it, is good food.  I firmly believe that the quality, not just the calorie count, of what we eat has an overall effect on our health.  I really do try to buy quality food.  Not everything I eat is organic, but much of it is.  What worries me more than pesticides is preservatives or flavor enhancing chemical ingredients.  If I don’t understand everything on a label, I generally don’t buy it.

So good food is worth it to me.  What about exercise?

My gym membership costs me $59 per month.  That seems reasonable enough, until you add up all the months and realize that at the end of the year I’m spending $708 to run on someone elses treadmill.  I could strength train at home, I could run outdoors, and heaven knows I have enough exercise equipment at home to keep me in squat thrusts for the rest of my life–but when it comes down to it, I like the variety.  Some days are gym days, some days are park days and some days are spaz at home days.  From now on, when I’m feeling too tired to hit the gym, I’m going to remember that everyday I don’t go I’m basically throwing away$1.94–that’s a cup of coffee!

Food and the gym, are two of my biggest expenses.  Food is necessary, the gym is not, but at the end of the day my food bill is much easier to bring down than my gym bill.  My gym is already the most affordable gym in my neighborhood.  In order to work on bringing my food bill down, without cutting the quality of what I eat, I’m going to save the receipts from everything I buy in the next month, and make note of whether or not I use it.  I, like most people, often get sucked into those fancy displays and pretty labels.  My new focus is to shop regularly (as opposed to every three weeks, which is a bad habit of mine), but only for as much food as I can eat in one week.

Hmm, I guess that means I’m pretty much unwilling to change my lifestyle.  It’s a good thing I have three jobs 😉

To cut costs today, I came home from work and prepared a batch of homemade yogurt.  For those of you that wonder how I do that, I wrote about the process on my other blog, Forkful of News.  I use a yogurt maker, but you can definitely make it stove top.  I just love kitchen gadgets.  Hmm, now there’s an expense I can cut-no more needless kitchen gadgets.

Breakfast 10.27.09


Orange juice (and vitamins-I never photograph this part of my morning)


Smoothie with plain soy milk, frozen banana and strawberries

Lunch & Snacks 10.27.09


White bean & kale soup
Hummus & mini whole wheat pitas

Dinner 10.27.09


Brown rice w/black beans and onion
1/2 a sweet potato (topped with Olivio butter-like spray)
Salad w/Green Garlic salad dressing