I love dinner.  This simple fact makes me very sad that tonight is the only day this week that I will get to make it for myself.

About meals: Breakfast food is my favorite type of food.  Most days, however, breakfast is something I gobble down while making edits on whatever my writing assignments of the day are.  Sad, really.  Lunch, well during the week it’s usually something to get through.  Oh, but dinner, dinner is my favorite meal to prepare and to sit for.  I find all the hustle bustle of the kitchen a kind of relaxing ritual with a great big edible reward at the end of a long day.

Tonight, I basically just heated some things up.  My chicken was left over from last week (let’s hope I don’t die), the zucchini is the last zucchini my garden will produce this year, and well couscous takes about 2 minutes to make.  Still, it was relaxing to stir all the respective pots and end up with something warm and nourishing.

The rest of this week has been a blur of trains, goodbyes, and doctors appointments.  My camera didn’t come out of it’s case too often in my distraction and at the end of the day-the pictures I ended up with were such a mish-mosh I figured it’d be best to start fresh today.  Of course, then there will be another gap in posting.  Tomorrow afternoon I leave for a weekend in Dallas, sans lap top.  I’m leaving the bright lights and business of New York for the weekend to see two of my favorite people get married.

In fact tonight, once my blogging is done, I will proceed to primp and preen.  I made a special trip to Sephora today to find the perfect shade of purple nail polish to match my dress.  I’m sure pictures will surface early next week.




I’ve never had an Ensure before.  It wasn’t terrible,  but chocked full of corn syrup which would definitely prevent me from making this a regular player in my day to day life.  This morning it worked out well because I was in a rush and needed food I could eat on the subway.



Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread w/mustard



Cascadian Farms: Peanut pretzel granola bar



Chicken-thigh & leg