Imagine if you will, a pretzel.

You’ll have to imagine it, because that’s what I ate for dinner last night, but I didn’t take a picture.  It was kind of hard to maneuver the camera and my bags and the crowds at Penn Station (if you’ve never had the joy of commuting too and from Long Island, this is the major transportation hub) .  So the camera stayed safely tucked in my bag.  I didn’t mean for it to be my dinner, just a nice commuter time snack, but then I wasn’t really hungry by the time I reached my parents house.

Oh, wait, I digress.  I had a thought about pretzels, as I munched through mine.  There I was scarfing down all the salty, musturd-y goodness when I realized that pretzels are really nothing more than a pretty loaf of bread.  I sort of had to laugh at myself.  I basically just slathered some mustard on salty bread and called it a meal.

That sort of makes me think differently about my favorite train time snack.  Bummer.

Breakfast 10.19.09


Homemade yogurt over granola w/honey and strawberries

Lunch 10.09.09


Salad: lettuce,tomato, cucumber, carrot, roasted chicken
Lite Caesar dressing

Dinner 10.09.09


You get the idea