Knockout Body

The 10-Minute Solutions DVDs are usually a crap shoot.  Some are great, some are awful.  Knockout Body is damn near perfect.

Fifty minutes of total body conditioning.  This DVD has it all: Aerobics, Strength training, and Stretching. Oh, and it comes with its own weighted gloves (more on those later).

I may have a wee bit of a girl-crush on Jessica Smith, the instructor. She may actually be my favorite ever on camera exercise guru. The girl is great at queuing and she doesn’t have that shrieking condescending “you’re doing great!” attitude that so many spandex clad instructors spout at the camera.  Oh, and her abs are drool worthy.

As in all 10-minute solutions DVDs this one is divided into 10-minute subsections that work together to create a self-designed workout.  If you’re in for the long haul, as in playing the hold thing, I’m going to suggest rearranging the chapters a bit.  At its core this is a kickboxing video.  For the first 30 minutes I kept thinking to myself, hmm, I wish she would have told me what proper form for the different punches is.  Then, voila, in section four they were finally explained to me.

Section 1: Knockout Body Blast: Pretty much the warm up, lots of bobbing up and down, stretching and punches.

Section 2: Fat Attack: Basically Cardio, lots of jacks, kicks, jabs.

Section 3: Ultimate Upper Body: Just what it sounds like, all arms.  Which in reality is this whole DVD because your arms are constantly weighted.

Section 4: Kickbox Cross-Train: Slow and instructional.  If I were editing this I would have put this one first, as it actually shows you what to do.  But hey, what do I know?

Section 5: Fierce & Fabulous Abs: Really good ab workout.  The weighted gloves really add a lot to this workout.

There you have it, mix and match as you may, but know that I feel very strongly about section four.

I also feel very strongly about the weighted gloves.  They’re cute and pink, and an easy to maneuver 12oz each.  But, they’re spandex which moves and flows, and they’re secured by Velcro, which is not the most stable of fixtures.  What I’m getting at here is that they move when you punch, which at times causes some elbow strain.  I love this video, and I love the idea of the gloves, but next time I do it, I’m nixing the accessories.