Happy Friday! Consider today a food post double-header, as I completely lapsed on blogging yesterday.

I’m starting to think all this sitting around chilling with mom is great for my tush, or more likely my muscles are being obsorbed-a scary thought; one that I would like to push as far back into the recesses of my brain as possible.

Strangely, I’ve been feeling thinner lately.  This morning (it’s casual Friday) I slipped on my skinny jeans fairly effortlessly.  All in all, I nice wake up call.  Of course it probably won’t last long seeing as how today I am starving!!!!

Last night I had steak, which can only mean one thing (if you’ve read my blog for a while you know what that is).  It’s good I no longer need a calendar to predict my cycle, I just pay attention to my cravings.  I went out with a friend to celebrate their birthday last night.  I felt bad leaving mom all alone though, so I came home early.  But, having a little time away, and yummy food was a nice change of pace.  Not that I don’t always eat yummy food.

Why eat if it’s not yummy?

This weekend will be a marathon of sorts.  Tonight I will do what I do every night, pinky, nag my mother to eat more.  Tomorrow, my dad is coming to hang out while I go to a friends bachelorette party (I plan on drinking something with a stupidly high calorie count); Sunday the fam and I will head out to Long Island where I will officially trade off custody of my mom to my father who misses her muchly and I’m pretty sure is living on nothing but hot dogs and canned peas in her absence.  I’m also seeing a friend, one of my besties, who will be leaving for four months to train to be going to Oklahoma to train with the FAA.  I will miss him tremendously, but probably not as much as his fiancee who just happens to be my best friend.  Something tells me there will be many sleepovers in my future to keep her mind off of missing him.  Sunday night:  back to NYC so I can work Monday, and Monday night back to Long Island so I can go to my mothers first follow up appointment with her surgeon.  Eek.  We’ll probably discuss follow up surgery.  We’re all really scared about that.

All this to say, if my blogging is a bit sporadic next week, that’s why.

I’m going to really miss having mom home with me, where I can get back at her for all those years of unconditional love.  It’s revenge, just in a nice revengy sort of way.  Truth be told, I’m a total worry wart and having her with me makes me feel better.

The good thing is that perhaps next week I’ll have some time to actually go to the gym!  If it still exists.  Maybe I should call first.  It’s been a while.

Breakfast 10.15.09


Whole wheat bagel with reduced fat cream cheese
Orange Juice

Lunch 10.15.09


Honey wheat wrap w/turkey, lettuce, mustard
Apple sauce
Salad w/lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, green garlic dressing

Snack 10.15.09


Peanut pretzel granola bar

Dinner 10.15.09


Best fries I’ve ever had (and no I didn’t eat all of them)

Breakfast 10.16.09


Breakfast wrap: Honey wheat wrap, 3 egg whites, peppers and lite American cheese
Orange juice (not pictured)

Lunch 10.16.09


Leftover chicken sausage and peppers over pasta

Dinner 10.16.09


Flounder (marinated in Soyaki)
Steamed zucchini