You know what I hate about reality TV?  It showcases the absolute worst in people.  I say this because as I write this my mother and I are watching Hell’s Kitchen. (I’ve never seen it before, but these people are so mean to each other.)

You know what I love about reality?  It reminds me everyday how absolutely beautiful people can be.  In the last month I’ve been reminded time and time again how good people really are.  I think our media (which to some extent I am a part of professionally) showcases the bad in the world, so much so that that the world seems scarier everyday.  I think what I’ve realized lately is that more often than not, when faced with a choice, people make the best one, the nicest one.  Of course there will always be people who are jaded and nasty, but I truly believe those people are in the minority.

Of course I’ve been touched by all of the support my family has received in the last month.  It has truly been amazing and heart warming.  But, I’m also touched everyday when someone holds the elevator door, or the woman who told me not to go into a certain subway car because of the smell, or the guy who lives downstairs that has never complained about noise even when I do step aerobics, or the FedEx guy who offered to carry a heavy box into my house for me yesterday even though they’re not really supposed to do that.

Maybe I’m super sensitive, but I don’t think so, I think all those little things make the world a better place to be, the door holding, stranger smiling, please and thank yous, that reminds us that real people are a lot better than TV gives us credit for.

Breakfast 10.13.09


3 Egg white omelet w/peppers, mushrooms and low fat American cheese
Whole grain toast
Orange juice

Lunch 10.13.09


Honey wheat wrap with turkey, lettuce, and mustard
Salad w/lite vinaigrette

Dinner 10.13.09


Roast Chicken: thigh and leg
1/2 Sweet Potato