My butt is so sore.  So. So. So. Sore.

It is kind of amazing how quickly we can fall out of shape.  The last few weeks have seen little movement and much sitting, so last night’s workout was a real wake up call to my body.  I think the next few weeks will see little in the term of legitimate gym time, but luckily I have quite the arsenal of home workout gear.  I just need to muster up the energy to actually do it.  I definitely do not want to let this muscle atrophy go on any longer.

My aunt and father are coming to visit my my mom this weekend, perhaps I’ll take an hour to hit the gym while they’re here.  I miss my friend the treadmill.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Breakfast 10.9.09


Granola w/homemade yogurt and strawberries
Orange juice


Grande Soy Latte
(This little addiction needs to end, I’m spending my retirement fund at Starbucks!)

Lunch 10.9.09


Vegetarian split pea soup
Whole wheat roll

Dinner 10.9.09


Dal Bukhara (lentils in a tomato gravy)
Brown Rice