I wasn’t always the most normal of children.  I remember very distinctively eating very, very slowly in second grade so as to make my classmates think that I had more food than them.  I’m not sure why I was quite so pre-occupied about having more food than other people, but it probably says a lot about when my food obsessions started.

I’ve been doing the same thing lately.  Well, not exactly the same thing.  I’m no longer concerned about whether or not I have more food than others.  I am however timing myself in accordance with other peoples eating and trying to slow my eating down.  I’ve been buying lunch a lot lately, a habit I’m looking to break, I just haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while.  So, while I join the ranks of the working world at Whole Foods each afternoon, I pay specific attention to the time between spoonfuls.

What I’ve noticed is that I eat a lot more slowly when I’m alone.  Not sure why.  But when I go out with friends, there’s an energy, we’re talking, we’re eating, I’m not even tasting my food.  When I sit and eat by myself, my eating cadence is a lot slower.  I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with this information, but it’s an interesting observation.  Perhaps I need to take a page from my second grade book and start slowing down my public eating.

Today was all about comfort foods and big portions.  I’m just having one of those days I guess.  I did however workout for the first time in weeks.  I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

Breakfast 10.8.09


Whole grain bagel with egg, turkey bacon and low fat American cheese (my ultimate comfort food)
Orange Juice


Grande Soy Latte

Lunch 10.8.09


Chicken & Rice soup
Multi grain roll

Snack 10.8.09


Smoothie w/Banana, strawberries, soy milk, protein powder

Dinner 10.8.09


Leftovers: Chicken, string beans, 1/2 a sweet potato and wild rice w/squash