Squeeze LBCI will bet you $5 that Tracy Effinger doesn’t eat cupcakes, she’s not that kind of girl.  I’m pretty sure she eats raw steak sprinkled with flax seed and protein powder for breakfast.  This woman is jacked.

I hate to say it, but I judged her DVD by its cover, and based on the picture of her “I never eat cupcakes” biceps, I avoided trying this DVD for way too long.  The truth behind the picture: Squeeze-Lower Body Challenge is a top notch addition to a DVD collection and I will play it over and over again till Tracy leaves me for someone who eats more protein.

The workout itself is short and sweet, lasting all of a torturous 30-minutes.  All the equipment you need is a pair of dumbbells, and a chair.  And, well, your ass.  Your ass does a lot of heavy lifting.

Truth be told, this DVD is at its core a combination of lunges and leg raises. Five sets to be concise: Dead lifts, Plies, Lunges, More Lunges, and Leg Lifts. Stuff you know you should do, but usually don’t.  So, if you are one of those super disciplined people who does all the reps you’re supposed to and work your ass off without adult supervision, well then don’t waste your money.  If you like a little visual stimulation and someone to make you do things the hard way, this one’s a keeper.

My absolute favorite thing Tracy does: takes a water break!  The abhorrent lack of hydrating time in exercise DVDs has meant I spend a fair portion of my workout pausing and rewinding to the exact moment of my last squat thrust.  Thanks for watching my back Tracy!

Hard and simple, can’t ask for much more from a workout, just remember to round out your workout with some cardio and upper body,Squeeze-Lower Body Challenge is hardcore lower body workout.