Someone in my house is losing weight, and it’s not me.  My mom’s lost 7 lbs in the last couple of weeks, which normally would be cause celebre for her, but it’s making me a bit worried.  She looks tiny. She’s currently surviving mainly on fruit.  Getting her to eat something in non berry, stone or citrus form can be a full time job.  It’s all fruit all the time here.  Now, personally I’m a big fan of indulging cravings.  I’ve even had a few fruit benders in my lifetime. In this case, however, I’m concerned about her getting enough protein, fat and fiber.  I feel like I’m starting to understand what parents must go through on a regular basis.

To all of you that have kids, and are always worrying about all those little things, I am in such awe of you.  I’m also on my way to refill my birth control prescription, you know, just in case.

My days are usually spent balancing her meals in my head.  Honestly, I’d probably enjoy being a nutritionist, if I weren’t nagging my mother to eat all day long.  I’d much prefer to nag someone elses mother.  Anyone have a mother they’d like me to nag? I’ve got that loving yet slightly condescending tone down pat.  Oh, and I give a mean foot massage afterward, just to make sure there are no hard feelings.

The one good thing about all this, is that I am working extra hard to keep my meals balanced, to eat by example, and prepare foods for the two of us that will help her body get back in tip-top shape.  Maybe it will help my body get back in tip-top shape too!

Breakfast 10.7.09


Whole wheat English muffin w/peanut butter
Grape juice
Coffee w/milk and truvia

Lunch 10.7.09


Minestrone soup
Salad w/ lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, artichokes, and onions

Dinner 10.7.09


Turkey burger, low fat American cheese, katsup, kaiser roll



Strawberry ice cream (She wanted ice cream, how could I say no?)