I realized today that I forgot to write my new months resolutions.  Woops!
Honestly, I’m not sure what I’m resolving this month, I haven’t really been thinking about long term goals (and yes, apparently a month is long term in my mind right now), which is very odd-I’m generally pretty goal oriented.  To be honest, I feel much more scatterbrained than usual.  I think this month I am making one simple resolution to do the best I can.  Do the best I can at work, do the best I can at home, do the best I can as a friend, as a daughter, as a blogger, and do the best I can with my food choices and exercise.  I don’t know that self improvement can be the goal this month, instead I think just being myself is all I can muster.
What were your new months resolutions?
Breakfast 10.6.09
Open faced breakfast sandwich with turkey bacon, American cheese and an egg
Grape juice
Lunch 10.6.09
Brown rice sushi with avocado and cucumber
Mid-day Nibble 10.6.09
I saw these dark chocolate peanut butter cups over my lunch break and thought they’d be worth a shot around my 3pm sugar craving.  I have to say, I wasn’t impressed.  Sometimes you shouldn’t change a classic.  The pack comes with three, I had one.
Snack 10.6.09
Mom and I shared a pear after work
Dinner 10.6.09
Whole wheat pasta with zucchini and shrimp in tomato sauce