I know I said I was back to blogging last week, but things were still a little too hectic for me to really return to my routine.  I’m back now.  Seriously.

Now for the sappy stuff:

Thank you to all of your for your thoughts and prayers.  My mom was released from the hospital this weekend.  She’ll need to go back for some corrective surgery surgery in the next few weeks, but for now she’s all mine!  Really.  We decided that it would be best if she stayed with me for a little while because my father works very long hours, and while I too work a lot, so much of what I do can be done from home, so I can be there for her.  There will also be a nurse and physical therapist that comes to visit her her.

I’m so amazed by her.  Everyday she gets so much stronger. I’m so grateful for everything.  There are no words.

End of sappyness.

I’m not sure when I’ll actually ever go to the gym again, so I’m getting my workouts in where I can.  Like today when I walked 10-city blocks carrying a full sized Aerobed.  Those things are heavy!  If you’re every looking to test your upper body strength, let me tell you, Aerobeds are way more effective than dumbbells.  This weekend I burned my calories cleaning.  I figured that since my dad is pretty much useless with cleaning supplies, I’d clean my parents house before my mom came back there, so she won’t have to worry for a while.  Tomorrow, who knows, maybe I’ll bench press my television.

Okay, back to the eating, I’ll be back tomorrow!

Breakfast 10.5.09


Homemade yogurt over granola w/honey

Lunch 10.5.09


Whole Grain 6″ sub from Subway with Turkey, veggies and mustard
Sun Chips

Dinner 10.5.09


Chicken breast, couscous and asparagus