And now it’s time for a two day recap:

Today I got on a scale, which is nothing new, I weigh myself fairly regularly, but this time it was official.  This time it was at a doctors office.  Let’s just say, I took my own advice from Monday’s blog, and put my health first because this body is the only one I’m going to get.

When I stepped on the scale I asked the nurse not to tell me.  She didn’t.  But I took a peak anyway.  Right there on the screen in front of me was my weight from right about the same time last year.  I weighed exactly eight pounds less then than I do now.

And you know what?  It’s just 8lbs.  I think that besides an antibiotic that I very truly needed, going to the doctor today gave me a peace of mind about my body.  While eight pounds may be a dress size, it’s not an insurmountable obstacle.  I remember being so happy with my body at that time, and the fact that the number separating me from that feeling being so small, makes me realize how much of the pressure we put on ourselves to achieve certain numbers is totally in our heads.

A little perspective is worth the $15 copay if you ask me.

Breakfast 9.15.09


3 Egg whites w/salsa in a whole wheat wrap
Grape Juice

Lunch 9.15.09


Homemade yogurt w/honey & granola

Snack 9.15.09


Peanut butter pretzel granola bar enjoyed over a spreedsheet

Dinner 9.15.09


Mango Margarita
Does that count as a fruit serving?


Cabbage & wanton soup

Breakfast 9.16.09


Smoothie w/almond milk, whey protien powder, banana and mixed fruit

Lunch 9.16.09


Turkey sandwich from Subway with all the veggies and lots o’ mustard
Sun chips

Dinner 9.16.09


Shrimp & Bok Choy Udon Noodle Soup