Today, as I walked my tired, sorry bum to the gym, I spent a wee bit of time whining to myself.  It went something like this:

Kim: Woe is me!  (I’m a bit Victorian in my internal whining monologues). A deep sadness fills me now that can no longer join the ranks of the homemakers and unemployed in their midday workouts.  ‘Tis but a shame that when I get up in the morning I must work. Long gone are my days of 6am spin class!  Night!  Foreshame, I cannot sweat at night.  There is a hunger that so fills me post employment that I feel faint at the very mention of a treadmill, and I would never deign the undignified stomach grumblings of exercise on a full stomoach. It is with the deepest remorse that I  commit myself to a life spent forever on my couch. Sigh…

Then, I smacked myself around a bit and reminded myself that one does not in fact have to pass through a locker room in order to get a decent workout. I need to broaden my exercise horizons.  For someone who preaches about getting in a workout whenever, wherever, you can, I can be awfully close-minded about my sweating time.

It’s time I take advantage of the yoga mats, blocks, and straps;  hula hoops; Swiss balls;  dumbells; and DVDs that are taking over my apartment.

I’m not cancelling my gym membership just yet, just gently reminding myself that on those nights when I just can’t make it to the gym after work (like all of last week!), I’m not doomed to a life filled with gym-guilt.

Ruts are a tricky thing, not just in exercise, in all aspects of life.  Sometimes, no matter how many options we have, we can only see the option least available to us.

Oh, but today I actually did get to the gym and spent 50-minutes on the elliptical and a 20-minute strength training session.

Breakfast 9.8.09


Steel Cut Oats with 1tsp. brown sugar, banana, and walnuts

Lunch 9.8.09


Fage 2% Greek Yogurt with Cherry preserves

Snack 9.8.09


Larabar Lemon Bar (it would have tasted better had it been topped in meringue,  c’est la vie).

Dinner 9.8.09


Salad: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot & lite Caesar dressing


Simple Stirfry: Tofu, Broccoli, Brown Rice and Teriyaki sauce