I got an email from my mother this morning that said:

“How much ransom do you want for our daughter”

I think that’s code for “You’ve been neglecting your duties.”  My parents aren’t the only people I’ve been ignoring, I’ve been ignoring you as well.  My blogging definitely fell by the wayside last week.  I’m determined to make that a one-week transitory lapse in blogging.  Last week was definitely a test to my multi-tasking abilities.

To try and prevent being so overwhelmed and sleep deprived again this week, I spent today, Labor Day, banking some work for the week.  Not enough to ensure a full eight hours of sleep a night, but enough to ensure a wee bit more sanity.

Meanwhile, I’m beginning to think the universe is speaking to me.  Last week I found a roommate; today I got an email from said roommate saying her job fell through and she won’t be moving to New York City.  Considering the amount of trouble I’ve had in the roommate search, I’ve decided that the universe wants me to live alone, and make myself a little guest room/office/exercise studio.  This of course means I’m going to be poor forever, but perhaps privacy is worth it.

I think I’ll start tonight by using the room to test run a new exercise video.

Breakfast 9.7.09


Smoothie made with almond milk, frozen banana & frozen pineapple

Lunch 9.7.09


Greek Yogurt w/Strawberry (the full fat kind, I should have looked closer when I was shopping)

Dinner 9.7.09


Left over Shrimp curry over brown rice

Snack 9.7.09