Hip Hop Dance MixMy couch thinks I’m funky fresh. At least, that’s what it would think if it were imbued with a personality, because let me tell you when I popped10-Minute Solutions: Hip Hop Dance Mix into my DVD player, I was not expecting to be quite so B-Boy-tastic.

Instructor Kristin Jacobs, is quite possibly more corn fed looking than I am, which I find both impressive, and hilarious when she gets her crunk on in her Victoria Secret Pink sweatpants. The girl’s got rhythm, I’ll give her that, and she’s a solid choreographer. The routines are fun, they’re funky, and she’s not superfluously happy, just happy enough.

She’s not so great at queuing, so if you’re a stickler for instructions and comprehensive vocab words that aren’t “push”,”hit”, and “dig it”, this could be a bit rough. It was for me the first go-round, but by the second time, I saw the method in her choreography madness.

If you’ve never done a 10-Minute Solutions DVD before, they aren’t 10-minutes, they’re usually about 50. Five ten minute segments, which depending on the workout can lead to total body conditioning, or in this case a solid cardio workout.

This DVD had 5 routines:

• Hip Hop Basics
• Fat Burning Funk
• Edgy Grooves
• Body Re-Mix
• Cardio Street Heat

I’d like to give you a detailed description of each segment, but honestly they’re all kind of the same. Each segment is a 10-minute dance routine, with different steps but basically the same format.

What it was great at was taking me out of my cardio comfort zone, and I LOVED it. There were no grapevines or A-steps to be had, instead I was throwing shoulders and getting low, all the while day dreaming about auditioning for next years season of So You Think You Can Dance.

This is definitely just a cardio workout, if you’re looking to solidly tone and shape in the comfort of your living room, this isn’t at all about total body conditioning. But, if you’re looking to get some cardio in without braving public spandex donning, hit this video up.

10-Minute Solutions: Hip Hop Dance Mix is really fun in that “I really hope my neighbors can’t see me right now way.” I’m keeping this one on full rotation for those nights when I don’t want to take my workout all that seriously.