Holy Crap!  I’m tired.

I just had to exclaim that.  Exclamation points were created for precisely the feeling I have right now, except for the fact that if I were physically expected to exclaim something all I could probably muster would be a quiet sigh and perhaps a head tilt.

I do like my new jobby-job quite a bit though. I’m very busy and important, okay probably not all that important, but certainly busy and at enough meetings to make me feel like I’m actually expected to know what I’m doing.  Which is pretty hard to fake on your second day.  I even came home with homework today.  I know!  It shocked me too, apparently enough to whip out another exclaimation point.  Seriously, I must be really good at playing competent, because my work To-Do list is out of this world and I don’t even know my phone number yet!

I thought, managing my freelance writing schedule along with my day job would be easy-breezy, I mean, I kept the same hours when I was shooting The Daily Special and writing for Elastic Waist, but I guess I’ve been out of the game for long enough that those sort of hours aren’t quite that easy to slip back into.  I’m hoping it only takes a couple of weeks to readjust.

I’ll admit to skipping the gym today.  I planned to go, really I did, but by the time I got home I was starving and once I eat dinner there’s no gym going…there just aren’t enough hours left to digest.  Plus, I could use the extra time to work on worky stuff.  I’m making a mental note to bring an afternoon snack to tide me over long enough to hit the gym after work.  I’m starting to realize what a delicate balance this work, write, exercise, sleep thing might turn out to be.  It’s a good thing my body is made of up of 70% coffee.

Breakfast 9.1.09


3 egg white and tomato omelet
Whole grain toast

Lunch 9.1.09


Whole foods sushi: Brown Rice Avocado and Cucumber Roll (9 pieces)

Dinner 9.1.09


Shrimp, zucchini, onion and mushrooms in a coconut/red curry sauce
Over brown rice (even though you can’t see it in this picture)

Please excuse me as I go take shots of RedBull…