It has come to my attention that I have been eating like shit for the last month.  Usually writing this blog daily is a pretty surefire way to keep my eating habits in check, but as a scrolled through the pages of my blog I realized that while I’ve been celebrating my freedom, I’ve been eating like every day is a celebration!

The proof of my craptastic eating habits is in the dress size.  This past weekend I went to the wedding of a high school friend.  I wore a dress I had bought last summer, and at the time it was really quite loose on me.  Back then,  I was a bit worried about it falling down (it’s strapless), and was planning on taking it to the tailor for alterations.  I’m glad I was too lazy to actually get that done, let’s just say I had absolutely no problem keeping it up. In fact, it was a bit snug.

How ’bout a little comparison:


Summer 2008

IMG_0262Summer 2009


It’s not a huge amount of weight that I’ve gained, but it is at least one dress size and I am feeling a bit disappointed in myself.

I’m not disappointed in the weight so much as the way my body feels when I feed it all this crap.  It seems to be a feeling that spirals out of control.  Something along the lines of “Well, I’m already eating this can of Crisco, so I might as well chase it with a liter of Coke” repeating through my mind, till mind and body feel all sorts of ugly and broken.

I know that the weight will come off again, what I’m most concerned about is getting out of this craptastic mindset I seem to have acquired.  I am by nature a creature of habit, and I am hoping that now that I’ve actually called myself out on my too-indulgent eating habits, and returned to an eating schedule that does not include grazing all day and putzing around my apartment (today was my first day of work), I can get back to a happy place with my hips.

If today was the first day of my new mindset, let it be said that I did the best with what I could.  I did a 50-minute dance based exercise DVD, and scoured my new work neighborhood for a not too indulgent lunch (although, I do sort of think of smoothies as a way of legitimizing milkshakes as meals).

Breakfast 8.31.09


Mango, Pineapple, Passion Yogurt


Coffee w/soymilk

Lunch 8.31.09


Strawberry, banana, soymilk smoothie

Snack 8.31.09


Cinnamon Roll LaraBar

Dinner 8.31.09


Chicken, brocolli in garlic sauce served over rice