Warning the food you are about to witness is not pretty, but it is real.  While I try to make my food choices healthy and well balanced, we all have our days, and today was one of mine.  I seem to have forgotten to grocery shop again; that happens more often than I’d like to admit (but in reality, admit on here all the time).  As the contents of my refrigerator currently consists of a jar of walnuts, 2 Babybel cheeses, salsa and my leftovers from last night it seemed only natural that I would have buffalo wings for breakfast.  I lucked out in regard to dinner, my Thursday night language class always comes catered.

Unlike yesterday, and the days before, I did not get up at 5am.  I got home from my film shoot at 3am, somehow repeating my 6am bootcamping from yesterday seemed and it was probably another hour before I drifted off to sleep, so I let myself sleep in till 10!  Craziness, I know.

This will be my last post for the week. I’m leaving early in the AM for a wedding in upstate New York.  The next time I blog, I will be a working woman.  To celebrate my new employment I did something completely silly and frivolous-I got virtual nails.  They’re basically like glorified press-ons, not permanent like acrylic, they only last two weeks.  Here’s the final product, followed by my non-stellar menu for the day:


Brunch 8.27.09


Left over buffalo wings and veggies from last night

Dinner 8.27.09


Pizza and salad