It has been a busy couple of days, so please excuse the double post for today and yesterday.

I’ve been getting up at 5am everyday this week in order to prep myself for my new work schedule.  Since I’m taking on a new “normal person” job, with “normal person” hours, I know I’m going to have to rearrange my writing time, especially in regard to the work I get paid to do daily.  So, the plan as it stands now is to get up at 5am and write for at least an hour and a half before I get ready and go to work.  I’ll probably have to do some additional work at night, but honestly, and this may sound crazy,  but I function best when I’m worn thin.  It’s who I am, I’m really excited for this new change.

In reality, I feel like a lot of my life is changing, not necessarily just working, but I’m also still on the hunt for new roommates, which I’ve been doing consistently for weeks now.  I think I have a few potentials now.  I’m also seriously considering living alone and turning my second room into an office/guest room.  I have to say an office/guest room seems a bit pretentious to me, considering I’m single and twenty-six. And, while I could swing it financially, I could also see other more practical uses for that extra few hundred dollars a month, like paying off my student loans and saving for a condo.  Decisions, decisions.

My 5am wake-up call was particularly useful today, as I used the pre-dawn wake-up time to do something productive.  I went to a bootcamp class, burned around 700 calories all before 8am.  I also felt like I was going to throw up on the second round of the Brooklyn Bridge.  I have never fully mastered the when/how to eat before an intense AM workout.  Today, I ate nothing, which left me feeling shaky and like I wanted to puke.  On the other hand, when I run with food, no matter how measly the portion, I also tend to feel pukish, only with the non-comforting knowledge that there’s actually something to throw up.  Strangely, when I work out in the afternoon or evening I never feel that way.

Perhaps one day I’ll understand my eating/exercise rhythms.

I treated myself to a special dinner tonight.  When I lost my job in December, coincidentally an Atomic Wings opened up in my neighborhood.  Now, buffalo wings are my guiltiest of guilty pleasures and most likely the only reason I will probably never be a vegetarian.  I try not to eat them too often, so I found it particularly taunting when this restaurant opened up in my ‘hood.  I swore to myself when I got a new job I would get myself wings from Atomic Wings.

In this last week of pseudo-freedom (pseudo, as I actually have been working all a long, but to me freelancing never feels quite real), I decided to treat myself to wings.  I even had them delivered.  Something I NEVER do.  The funny thing is though, when they got here, I had three and then I was done.  I didn’t eat the whole order, just wrapped it right up and put them in the fridge.  They were delicious, but I quenched my craving and now I’m done.  How very mature of me.  Added bonus, I can eat them again later!

Here’s the round up for the last two days:

Breakfast 8.25.09


Cantaloupe & Pear flavored yogurt

Lunch 8.25.09




I met my writing group for lunch yesterday at a cute little organic cafe.  My egg sandwich was almost too decadent, I wasn’t expecting the roll to be quite that buttery.  It was delicious though.

Egg sandwich with egg, mozzarella and arugula
2-home fry slices (does anyone else find that ridiculous?)

Dinner 8.25.09


Angel hair pasta with sauteed peppers and mushrooms
Freshly grated Romano

Breakfast 8.26.09


Whole grain English muffin with peanut butter



Miso soup
Salad w/carrot ginger dressing


Sushi Lunch-I ate about half.  Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach
Salmon Avocado Roll, Sweet Potato Tempura Roll, Spicy Tuna roll

Dinner 8.26.09


I try to keep it honest here on the ole blogaroo.  I did indeed eat buffalo wings for dinner and they were delicious.
I only had three though, the rest will most likely find their way into my stomach later.

I’m off to shoot my last scene for the film I’ve been shooting this summer.  I do enjoy getting all gothed out, I have to admit.