I lapsed in blogging yesterday.  It happens.  Yesterday was all sorts of busy.  I started the day off meeting with my writing group.  We meet weekly to critique one another’s work.  The thing about writing is that it’s so personal sometimes, that you can’t always see your own work objectively.  It’s good to get other peoples perspectives.

After writing group, I had some errands to run, and had to prepare for my open house.  I’m interviewing potential roommates.  There were three I really liked.  I’m still trying to decide.  I tend to over think these things.

Today was definitely more pleasant.  I met up with my favorite aunt for a play date. I only have one.  Okay, I have two, but I think I’ve only met the other one 3 or 4 times.  She took me out for a day at the theatre.  We saw Burn the Floor, which is basically a ballroom dance show.  I love watching dance, all sorts, ballet, modern, hip hop, ballroom, so we figured this would be a hit, but there was definitely something lacking in this show.  I’ve seen a few dance reviews on Broadway, some work and some don’t.  I’m not sure why.  All of the dancing was amazing.  They all had unbelievable bodies.  But I never got emotionally invested in the dances.  It was still good times though, and my aunt gave me the information for a dance studio that gives ballroom lessons without having to bring your own partner.  Perhaps that will be my next adventure in exercise.

I’ll admit that my exercise has been scarce the last couple of days.  I’m not usually one to say “I’m too busy”, I’ve just mismanaged my time.  I’m actually looking forward to hitting the gym tomorrow.  I could use a little exertion in my life 😉

Tuesday Breakfast



Tuesday Lunch

breakfast 8.18

Egg sandwich with peppers and cheese, homefries on the side

Tuesday Dinner


I’ll admit this doesn’t look like much, which is definitely my rushed photography at fault.  A friend came over to help me judge potential roommates and brought me a roasted vegetable patty (whole wheat crust!) from a local Jamaican restaurant.  It’s good to have friends who know where to get food!

Wednesday Breakfast


Kashi Go Lean Waffles with banana and organic syrup.
In reality I don’t really like much syrup, I just like the way it looks and I go a bit overboard when I pour it.  Perhaps a new resolution for next month.



Beer for lunch.
My aunt and I grabbed a drink before going to a matinee today.  No time for real food.  Beer is made from wheat, which makes it food, right?



Tom Yum Soup


Shrimp in a coconut red curry broth…mmmm.